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“The best local meat in the world.”

“Why on earth, would someone want to buy lamb produced in New Zealand when Colorado-grown lamb is so outstanding?” – Mary Kay Buckner

About Boulder Lamb & Meats

Since their inception in 2011, a greater appreciation for fresh, locally raised meat has allowed the Buckner Family to build a thriving, family-run business in the heart of northern Boulder County. Whether it is lamb, pork, or beef, they believe the combination of breed, the 100% grass-fed diet, and the natural, stress-free environment where the animals live creates the finest local meat available—period. You just can’t beat the quality and flavor of their specialty meat.

Mary Kay Buckner discussed the start of Buckner Family Ranch with Edible Magazine recently. “Several factors came together – maybe a proverbial aligning of the stars – to nudge us into taking the plunge and doing something drastically different from our former careers. When Clint and I met, we had the same philosophy: If we couldn’t afford to eat or buy pasture-raised organic meat, then we just didn’t eat it.”

Owner/founders Clint and Mary Kay Buckner, like their livestock and their two spirited young farmhands, Amelia and Levi, were raised in the fresh, high altitude air and vibrant sunshine unique to Colorado. “We wanted to grow as much of our own food as possible and raise our two children in an environment where they could learn to appreciate what it takes to put food on the table,”

Here, in the foothills of the Front Range, their love of community focused, farm-to-table farming and ranching took root. By using meat from Boulder Lamb & Meats, you are supporting agriculture that raises animals the way nature intended.


The Buckner family raises, produces, and sells lamb under the label “Boulder Lamb”. Their Columbia and Rambouillet ewes are renowned for a heartiness to match the western landscape. They are bred with either Suffolk or Dorset rams to produce lamb noted for its mild flavor and tenderness.


Pictured Below

(Left) Chef Chris and Chef Nate Exploring Buckner Family Ranch with Clint

(Center) The Famous Boulder Lamb of Buckner Family Ranch

(Right) Some Members of the Ad Hominem Team Enjoying a Tour of the Ranch