ad ho·mi·nem
/, ad ˈhämənəm/
relating to or associated with a particular person

Empathic     Honest     Thoughtful     Disciplined     Natural


A Restaurant for the People of Denver

The common definition of Ad Hominem relates to an argument method which is "directed against a person rather than the position they are maintaining." Throughout history, this method of arguing has been deemed negative and fallacious.

Our restaurant focuses on the lesser known definition of "relating to a particular person," or the Latin to English translation, "to the man." This definition and translation provide a positive connotation of a personal relationship which is what we convey through our food and service.

With several definitions available, we have developed our own interpretation.
While Ad Hominem is a negative way to argue, it is a positive way to cook.

The metaphor of the lantern and its light representing the search for honesty and truth applies to our restaurant, our staff, the food, and the service we provide. By cooking honestly and truthfully we connect personally to the wants and needs of the diner.

Each day we will deliver thoughtful service to you, the consumer, to convey the best dining experience possible. With a strong commitment to the local community, we hope that Ad Hominem will be a restaurant for the people and provide a gathering place for friends, families, and new connections.


The Kitchen Team

Chris Martinez

Executive Chef

Chris Martinez began cooking at a very early age in his home kitchen in New Jersey with his mother. This love eventually led him to a high school internship where he gained experience in all aspects of the hospitality business at The Westin Princeton at Forrestal Village.

After briefly attending business school, the same love from his adolescence led him back into local dining establishments such as The Blue Bottle Cafe and Acacia where he worked before delving into the culinary scene of New York City. He worked for Chefs Daniel Humme and James Kent at the NoMad and assisted in the opening of the NoMad Bar.

He decided to complete his degree in Culinary Arts and moved to Denver where he graduated Summa Cum Laude from Johnson & Wales University. Upon his graduation, he began working for Chefs Jennifer Jasinski and Timothy Kuklinski at Rioja, earning the title of Sous Chef.

He spends his occasional free time staging at different restaurants throughout the United States to keep his skill set and creativity at the forefront of the culinary world. His food focuses on delivering bold flavors while maintaining simplicity and balance. Working with the freshest and most local ingredients everyday provides him with the opportunity to create new experiences for his diners.

Catie Reece

Chef de Cuisine

Catie Reece developed a passion for food and cooking at a very young age. She watched her Mother and Grandmothers create memories through food and love.

As a young adult she made the decision to study at Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Restaurant, Hotel, and Institutional Management. While a student, she earned the title of Key Hourly Manager at the local McAlister's Deli where she learned the ropes of leadership and management, and eventually found her love for the kitchen.

After her graduation from Texas Tech University, Catie moved to Chicago to pursue an Associates of Arts and Sciences from Kendall College. During her studies she held an internship at Spiaggia Restaurant training under Chefs Tony Montuano and Sarah Grueneberg. After graduation she helped open Chef Stephanie Izard's newest restaurant, Little Goat, before moving to Izard's flagship restaurant Girl and the Goat. During her time in Chicago she also worked for Chef Thomas Lents at Sixteen Restaurant.

After many years working in Chicago, she moved to Denver to be closer to family and the great outdoors. Upon moving to Denver she began working at Rioja under Chefs Jennifer Jasinski and Timothy Kuklinski, where she started as a line cook and worked every station until she earned the title of Sous Chef.